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A little history

The striped shirt for men is now an essential element in male dressing rooms. Wearing stripes has become normal for a man not long ago. This motif, and more generally the men's shirt , has indeed taken some time to be accepted. In the Middle Ages, the shirt was buttonless, collarless, and slipped over the head. It also stands out in its use: indeed, it is limited to an underwear role, the purpose of which is to protect the skin from the rough materials worn over it. Hide this shirt that I cannot see...
It is from the 16th century that the shirt begins to receive its letters of nobility. It is worn more visibly, and some of its elements are left visible. It is made from noble fabrics and gradually becomes a revealing sign of social status. The white shirt is worn by the wealthiest class of the population.
The plain shirt remained a safe bet until the end of the 19th century. Because of the surrounding dirt, the scratch (and patterns in general) are seen as an excuse to cover up unsightly stains. Everything changed in the 20th century: costumes, once reserved for the wealthy, became more democratic and were worn by everyone, including the working classes.
This change plays an important role in the development of patterns, and in particular stripes. In the 1950s, the first nylon shirts and shirts appeared. Since its creation, clothing has continued to evolve and reinvent itself. The striped shirt has undergone a slow but significant evolution: it has gradually become a must in men's wardrobes!

Men's striped shirts for all tastes and styles

Unlike other less evolutive patterns, the stripe can be considered in many ways. Fine, thick, horizontal, vertical, in several colors… This type of shirt is a real chameleon, which knows how to adapt perfectly to all styles and all situations. It can be discreet and chic, which makes it the ideal garment for commuting to work or for special occasions. She knows how to be relaxed but elegant, for moments with friends. Finally, the wide variety of stripes allows it all the eccentricities and all the fantasies, for an assertive and offbeat look.

The classic stripe

The classic striped men's shirt is now one of the must-haves. Synonymous with elegance and good taste, it is perfect for going to work if the dress code requires it, or for very special occasions. Here, the stripes are very fine: in general, you have to approach to distinguish them. From a distance, the shirt almost gives the impression of being united.
The pink striped shirt for men is a must have: it must be pale pink and white. To achieve absolute chic, the gap between the stripes should not be wider than a pinhead. From the point of view of the cut, it is of course necessary to privilege a curved model, close to the body. The shirt must be tucked into the pants. The same advice is valid for a blue striped shirt for men. For more elegance, the stripes must remain extremely discreet.
Very frequently, this type of shirt is associated with a tie. If a plain tie is obviously not a problem, it is also possible to combine a striped shirt and a patterned tie. The only rule is to avoid amalgams between the patterns of the two garments. These must be distinct enough not to be confused. It is then totally possible to combine stripes and polka dots, and even… stripes and stripes! The scratches of the first element must then be easy to distinguish from the scratches of the second.
The so-called "banker" stripes are also to be remembered for major events. The lines are slightly thickened, which contributes to attenuating the strict side of the garment. This model of shirt appeared about fifty years ago, and has evolved. Today, a blue and white striped men's shirt of this type can also be worn in a chic and casual way, by rolling up the sleeves.
Finally, the striped shirt for men with a white collar has often been characteristic of the world of finance. If this has evolved today, this type of shirt remains synonymous with chic and refinement. The contrast brought by the collar brings a classic and dressy touch. It is preferably worn with a dark suit and/or tie.

The relaxed… and elegant stripe

The striped shirt can also be worn more casually. The stripes are generally thicker, and can be oriented in several ways. It's up to you to make the choice that best suits your morphology! Generally, we agree on the fact that the vertical stripe lengthens the silhouette. This gives the wearer a more slender line. The horizontal stripe gives thickness and widens the middle.

If the shirt has long been decried, the stripes have largely contributed to improving its reputation, to the point of making it a centerpiece of the summer periods. Thus, striped shirts for men with short sleeves are the ideal way to combine elegance, comfort and relaxation!

Look idea 1: wear your striped shirt with light jeans and white trainers. The light side of the set adapts perfectly to strong heat and a summer atmosphere.
Look idea 2: pair your striped shirt with white Bermuda shorts and white leather sandals. An easy-to-wear set, which clearly plays the card of relaxation!

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