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The pink shirt for men is now a must-have piece in the world of men's fashion. Whatever your profile, there is always a good reason to wear a pink shirt, a piece that goes with many clothes.
It is an image now forgotten but, for many years, pink was a color reserved for women. The men wore blue instead. This cliché was deeply embedded in the collective unconscious and most men wouldn't allow themselves to wear a pink shirt. Yet pink was originally intended for the dolphins of monarchs, who were later called to reign. Under the Ancien Régime, pink was also associated with virility and power.
Fortunately, mentalities have changed. Today, men again dare to wear pink shirts. It is nevertheless advisable to remain vigilant because, if certain shades are synonymous with discreet elegance, others, more outrageous, must absolutely be avoided. Favor pale pink, flesh pink, peach pink, old pink... Barbie, baby or candy pinks are much too flashy!

The “dressy” version of the pink shirt for men

More trendy and daring than the usual white shirt , the pink shirt is the ideal garment to wear with a jacket or a suit. By respecting the nuances mentioned above, you add a sophisticated note to your outfit, for a set of the most beautiful effect.
Thus, the pink shirt goes perfectly with a gray jacket, whether it is light or dark. If the suit is navy blue, don't hesitate: a pale pink shirt is the best partner you can find for it!
A pink striped shirt for men can also add a touch of chic to your outfit. Allowing to adopt an elegant and refined look, the Italians and the English love it. Favor vertical stripes, which refine the silhouette, as well as a cut close to the body. Needless to say, in this specific case, the shirt must be tucked into the pants . Finally, if you have to wear a tie for a particular occasion, you are spoiled for choice. Just be sure to respect the golden rule: the tie must be a more assertive color than the pink of the shirt, in order to avoid any confusion between the two.
Finally, and even if it seems obvious, pink is not a color that can be declined from head to toe! Forget the total pink look

Pink in casual mode

It is of course possible to wear pink during all seasons of the year, and on many occasions. Nevertheless, summer is the perfect time to wear this color, which goes perfectly with a tanned complexion.

What models to wear?

On vacation, to adopt a resolutely casual look, the pink shirt is the perfect companion. It is available in many models. The linen shirt, perfect for high temperatures, is worn in the classic way next to the skin, or unbuttoned on a t-shirt . The result ? A skillfully studied blend of relaxation and elegance. Another possibility is a shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, for a holiday look, with a hint of sophistication!
The pink shirt for men with short sleeves is also an option to consider. Contrary to what one might think, the pink shirt is not necessarily a casual piece of clothing: it can also bring a touch of elegance to an outfit. For this, choose a curved and sober model, and never wear a jacket with it! It would be the guaranteed exit from the road… Given its summer connotation, it can easily be associated with chinos or Bermuda shorts.
The striped shirt is also a perfect piece of clothing for moments of relaxation or holidays. The narrowly spaced stripes (about a pinhead) have a very chic side, and are essentially intended to be worn with a suit. The other, wider stripes are perfect for a casual summer look. Finally, the pink plaid shirt for men is increasingly popular. The shirt can feature gingham patterns, that is to say two-tone checks. The elegance of the garment then depends on the size of the squares: the smaller they are, the smaller the shirt. To accentuate the casual side of the shirt, just leave the two top buttons open.

Look ideas

A men's outfit with a pink shirt is already the assurance of escaping the traditional white shirt: it shows elegance, originality and a hint of audacity. But beware: if black or white do not come in various shades, it is not the same for pink.

Regarding the association of colors, avoid as much as possible to multiply them. As mentioned above, keep in mind that light tones are best, especially if you want to adopt a chic and refined look. Apart from the style you want to adopt, do not forget that the tiles must also be adapted to your morphology.

Thus, the rather beefy men, or with overweight, will have to opt for small squares, which will tend to attenuate the forms. If, on the contrary, your shoulders are narrow and your pecs not particularly developed, orient yourself towards pink shirts with large checks.

  • Look idea 1: wear your pink shirt with khaki Bermuda shorts and white canvas trainers. A relaxed and casual look, with a winning color combination!
  • Look idea 2: you can also pair your shirt with slightly rolled-up blue jeans and black derbies. An outfit that combines style and relaxation, a perfect combination for weekends and moments with friends.
  • Look idea 3: wear a very pale pink shirt with light beige chinos and brown dress shoes. A studied outfit, both elegant and versatile!

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