The short-sleeved shirt has been reinvented and has become a summer must-have. Perfectly in the air of time, pleasant and easy to wear, it is declined today under multiple models more seductive than the others.
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The short-sleeved shirt: a summer wardrobe essential

In recent years, the short-sleeved shirt or shirt has made a big comeback on the scene. Revisited and modernized, its image has been transformed and it is now one of the essential summer clothes. Allowing more air to circulate than its long-sleeved counterpart, it is very pleasant to wear even when temperatures soar. Today it is available in a multitude of shapes, colors, materials and patterns to suit all desires and all occasions. Casual and cool, the short-sleeved shirt also knows how to be elegant and sophisticated. Lighter than a polo shirt and much more chic than a t-shirt, it has many advantages that you would be wrong to deprive yourself of. At the office, in town, for a drink on the terrace or an outing by the beach, it can add more character to all your daily outfits.

What are the advantages of Eden Park shirts?

To obtain an impeccable finish, it is essential to opt for a high-quality short-sleeved shirt. Cuts, materials, exclusive prints, impeccable finishes, branded buttons, embroidered logo, patch chest pocket, back pleats... all the shirts in the Eden Park collection have been imagined and designed with care. They allow you to highlight your figure and assert your style. If you want to buy a short-sleeved shirt, also pay attention to the collar, because it is this that gives all the nobility to this summer top. At Eden Park, you are guaranteed to have a clean and perfect collar, whether you opt for a button-down collar or a free collar with stays. Whichever model you choose, you are sure to make the right choice. You benefit from a high-end garment, which wonderfully reveals the brand's taste for paradox and attention to detail, but also a trendy piece that is pleasant to wear.

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How to choose the right short-sleeved shirt?

Start by selecting a cut suited to your body shape. The slim fit or fitted cut is very fitted, especially at the waist and back. It can bring a hint of inimitable chic and energize the look of sporty men. Conversely, the straight or regular fit cut does not follow the lines of the bust and offers more ease. It allows you to obtain a harmonious silhouette, whatever your body shape. In any case, be sure to select a model that fits your size: your short-sleeved shirt should neither be too loose nor compress your torso. For a classic and timeless look, opt for a plain piece and colors like white, gray, light blue or pink. If you want a contemporary look, dare to use color and patterns. Stripes, flowers, checks, graphic shapes… There are prints to suit all your desires.

What material to choose for a men's shirt?

As the short-sleeved shirt is your best ally in the hot season, choose materials that are light and pleasant to wear. A natural fiber with many benefits, cotton remains a must. It turns out to be flexible, resistant, comfortable, breathable and easy to maintain. Cotton poplin, Italian cotton, Pima cotton, pinpoint weave, cotton pique or dobby cotton… at Eden Park, cotton comes in all its forms to meet all your expectations. You will also discover linen shirts, famous for their multiple benefits. Ecological, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, antistatic and thermoregulating, linen has earned its reputation as the flagship material of summer. If you tend to sweat or live in a humid region, you can also opt for a Lyocell shirt. This versatile, light, soft, resistant and elastic fiber indeed reveals greater moisture absorption than cotton and reveals another major argument: it does not crease!

How to wear a short-sleeved shirt correctly?

Far from preconceived ideas, the short-sleeved shirt easily adapts to all styles. You can of course pair it with shorts, Bermuda shorts or white pants to achieve a casual summer look in the blink of an eye. For a sportswear look, opt for a shirt with a trendy pattern, a yoke or colorful embroidery on the back and sneakers. But the short-sleeved shirt can also be used in your more chic outfits. In this case, opt for a plain model or a sophisticated floral print. Pair it with raw or black jeans, a leather belt, dress shoes and voila! More or less open or closed, alone or with a t-shirt underneath, tucked into shorts or pants or not... there are a thousand and one ways to wear a short-sleeved shirt. Just remember that it should not be worn with a two or three piece suit and that you should set your sights on sober bottoms if you let yourself be seduced by trendy patterns.

How to care for your Eden Park shirt?

Your Eden Park shirt has been designed to last you year after year, but to do so, you must ensure that it is properly maintained. Carefully read the instructions on the label, as these may vary depending on the model. Most of the brand's summer shirts do not require dry cleaning and can be machine washed at 30°C. We advise you to turn them inside out, wash them with clothes of similar colors and dry them on a hanger at the end of the wash cycle. For an impeccable finish, then iron them on a medium iron, avoiding the buttons to remove unsightly creases and restore the collar to all its splendor.

Are you looking for shorts, Bermuda shorts or pants to wear with your short-sleeved shirt? Do you need t-shirts and polo shirts to complete your summer wardrobe? Do you dream of chic and trendy accessories to transcend all your looks? The Eden Park collections will meet all your expectations.

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