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Origin of the floral shirt for men

The floral shirt for men, reserved for the most daring a few years ago, is now one of the essentials of a trendy men's wardrobe.
If its appearance is relatively recent, it should not fall into caricature: the flower shirt was not born in a famous American detective series taking place in Hawaii. Indeed, even if the character of Magnum contributed to making it one of the iconic garments of the 80s, it existed before the appearance of this famous mustache in Ferrari.
It was towards the end of the 19th century that the flowered shirt finds its origins, although these are subject to controversy. At that time, migrants from Japan arrived in Hawaii to work in the sugar cane plantations. Accustomed to working bare-chested, their attire shocked the local populations, made up at the time of Christian missionaries. The latter then require them to wear shirts , on which appear local flowers.
This type of shirt, which was then called "Aloha", was sold for the first time at the very beginning of the 20th century by a Japanese, in his own country. To make it, he chooses the same material as that of the kimono. It was from the 1930s that American tourists, who visited the Japanese archipelago, fell under its spell and brought it back en masse to the United States. A phenomenon was born: the floral shirt for men became trendy.

When and how to wear it?

With its fresh print and soft colours, it is a bold alternative to more classic patterns such as stripes or checks. When sunny days arrive, this shirt can be worn with a casual outfit. It also makes it easy to enhance an overly formal office look.

An ideal summer outfit

However, we must remain vigilant. A floral shirt, in essence, is less versatile than a plain shirt . There are a few rules to follow so that your whole outfit remains harmonious and not too overloaded.
Few pieces of clothing refer to a season as much as the floral shirt. So there's no need to go looking for lunch at two o'clock: in the vast majority of cases, the flowered shirt is worn during the summer period. Synonymous with relaxation and relaxation, summer is indeed the perfect opportunity to allow yourself certain fantasies, while nevertheless respecting certain rules.
Thus, its bright colors and the presence of the patterns call for not overloading the whole outfit. Instead, match your floral shirt with light and sober clothes. If this is the first time you've opted for a floral shirt, don't try the impossible: instead, go for small floral shirts for men, simple to wear and more versatile.

Look ideas

Above all, keep your audacity and a touch of extravagance! To put it simply, keep in mind that the smaller the pattern (and therefore repeated on the surface of the shirt), the more elegant it is.

  • Look idea 1: wear your colorful floral shirt with black chinos and white trainers. The shirt is sublimated by the sober side of the outfit. A must-have set!
  • Look idea 2: match your floral shirt with black jeans and low-top leather tennis shoes. A casual set with an assertive style, which can be worn every day!
  • Look idea 3: you can finally match your floral shirt with rolled up blue jeans, and wear high-top canvas sneakers. A look that perfectly combines elegance and relaxation, perfect for moments with friends!

Over the years, the floral shirt has come out of the caricature in which it had been locked up. It is now possible to adopt an elegant and neat look with this type of clothing.

The different types of floral shirts

It is important to emphasize that if the floral shirt naturally allows you to adopt a casual look, it can also be a source of elegance. It can, as such, be associated with a costume. We then favor a shirt with patterns of reduced size, reproduced on a regular basis. If the suit is dark, then the men's cotton flower shirt should, on the contrary, be rather light. No need to bring another quirky accessory: the floral shirt is more than enough!
Even when not associated with a suit, the floral shirt can remain elegant and chic, while bringing a touch of audacity. As a general rule, go for a mismatched set and be sure to limit the number of colors worn. Flowers should remain the only pattern in your entire attire. Otherwise, your look might look way too overloaded!
The floral shirt is also associated with carelessness, casualness and relaxation. Very colorful and adorned with large flowers, some models are thus exclusively reserved for the summer period. We forget here the idea of ​​​​associating them with a jacket or a blazer.
Today, the shirt can be made of cotton, linen or chambray, several materials that easily add a note of elegance to the garment. The shirt is worn close to the body, fitted and must fall perfectly over the pants.
Warning: the short-sleeved floral shirt represents a certain risk-taking in terms of the look. Some missteps are unforgiving and absolutely must be avoided. Avoid wearing a floral shirt with a jacket or a suit. Don't tuck it inside your pants. Finally, avoid associating an accessory around the neck, such as a tie or a bow tie.
For a casual and trendy look, the men's short-sleeved floral shirt can be paired with light Bermuda shorts and lightweight canvas sneakers. You can also choose to pair your pink floral shirt with blue jeans and white leather low-top sneakers.
This is one of the advantages of this type of clothing: if there is no question of indulging in all the extravagances, its DNA, which consists in not taking oneself seriously, allows many fantasies. Under certain conditions, you can, for example, wear a floral shirt and shorts set. A daring bet but by no means impossible!

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