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Opt for an embroidered shirt for men and add a touch of originality to your outfit. With delicate designs and quality craftsmanship, these shirts combine elegance and character for a fashionable look for any occasion.

What are the special features of our embroidered men's shirts?

Embroidered shirts for men are distinguished by their refined and original patterns, which bring a touch of elegance and character to your outfit. You will find models made with the greatest care, from top quality materials. Every detail is designed to offer you optimal comfort and impeccable style. The brand's emblematic embroidery, representing a bow tie, is done with the greatest care on the chest, bringing a touch of refinement to this shirt.

Our embroidered shirts are available in a fitted cut, which highlights your figure while ensuring great freedom of movement. You will appreciate the finesse of the embroidery, carried out with precision for an impeccable finish.

To meet all your desires, we offer you a wide range of colors, from the most classic to the most daring. You can thus vary the pleasures according to your moods and your occasions. With an embroidered shirt, you will never go unnoticed: it becomes the centerpiece of your outfit, the one that makes all the difference.

Easy to combine, the embroidered men's shirt goes through the seasons and goes just as well with chino pants as with jeans. It can be worn both in a professional context and for an evening with friends. It is an essential in your wardrobe, which will allow you to play with the codes of elegance in complete relaxation.

How to wear an embroidered men's shirt with style?

The embroidered men's shirt is an elegant and versatile piece that allows you to create trendy outfits for any occasion. For a casual chic look, pair your embroidered shirt with chinos or slim jeans. Opt for complementary colors or shades in the same color range for a harmonious outfit. For example, a sky blue embroidered shirt will go perfectly with beige or navy blue pants.

If you want to create an original formal outfit, don't hesitate to wear your embroidered shirt under a suit jacket. The delicate patterns will bring a touch of originality to your look, while remaining in an elegant and refined style. Choose a solid tie in a color that matches your shirt for a cohesive ensemble.

For a dressy and sophisticated look, pair it with fitted suit pants, in a matching or contrasting shade. The white embroidered shirt will go perfectly with black or charcoal gray pants, while the blue models will pair harmoniously with lighter tones, such as beige or pearl gray. Complete your outfit with a pair of derbies or leather oxfords, for an elegant and polished look.

For a more casual style, slightly roll up the sleeves of your embroidered shirt. This little detail will bring a touch of nonchalance to your outfit, while highlighting your wrists.

If you prefer a more modern and graphic style, geometric patterned shirts are for you. Embroideries representing abstract shapes, clean lines or geometric figures will bring a touch of character to your outfit. Combined with dark suit pants and derbies, these shirts will allow you to create a sophisticated and trendy look. You can also leave the last button of your shirt open for a more relaxed look.

Finally, don't forget to accessorize your outfit with a beautiful leather belt and dress shoes. A pair of leather derbies or moccasins will elegantly complete your look. If you opt for a more casual style, you can also wear your embroidered shirt with a pair of white sneakers for a trendy and comfortable look.

With these style tips, you will be able to wear your embroidered men's shirt with elegance and character, while remaining in line with current trends. Don’t hesitate to vary the patterns and colors to create original and personalized outfits.

How to choose the size of your embroidered shirt?

Finding the perfect size for your embroidered shirt is essential for a polished and comfortable look. Here are some tips to help you choose the right size.

First, check out our size guide. You will find detailed measurements for each size offered, from neck circumference to chest circumference and sleeve length. Take your measurements carefully using a tape measure, being careful not to tighten too tightly for an accurate result.

If you are unsure between two sizes, opt for the larger one. Indeed, a slightly loose shirt will always be more comfortable and elegant than a shirt that is too tight. Plus, it gives you some wiggle room if your shirt shrinks slightly in the wash.

Also think about the cut of the shirt. Our embroidered shirts are available in straight or fitted cut. If you have a slender figure, a fitted cut will highlight your body shape. Conversely, if you have more generous shapes or are looking for optimal comfort, choose a straight cut.

How to care for an embroidered men's shirt?

To preserve the quality and shine of your embroidered shirts, it is essential to follow some care tips. First, take the time to carefully read the instructions on your shirt's label. Each model may require specific care depending on its material and finishes.

As a general rule, it is recommended to wash your embroidered shirt at low temperature, between 30 and 40°C, so as not to damage the designs. Remember to turn your shirt inside out before putting it in the machine, this will protect the embroidery from friction. Opt for a delicate program and use a detergent suitable for delicate textiles.

When ironing, be careful not to apply the iron directly to the embroidery. Turn your shirt inside out and iron it on low heat, using a protective cloth if necessary. This method will allow you not to overwrite the patterns and to retain all their relief.

Avoid the tumble dryer as much as possible, which risks damaging the fibers of your shirt and dulling the colors of the embroidery. Prefer to dry flat, away from direct sunlight.

If your shirt has stains that are difficult to remove, do not hesitate to take it to a professional dry cleaner. He will know how to take care of your garment while preserving the quality of the embroidery.

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