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Swim short season is here at Eden Park and we're celebrating sizzling French inspired tropical vibes with our range made for men.
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How to choose your men's swimsuit?

Men's swimwear has evolved considerably over the last century. A trendy accessory, it is now available in a multitude of models: plain, patterned, color-block stripes, flowers...

All our advice for choosing the swimsuit that perfectly suits your style!

Brief history of men's swimwear

If swimming is a leisure discovered in Antiquity, through the thermal baths, it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that men began to turn to outfits specifically intended for swimming. These swim pajamas covered the torso, upper legs and arms.

At the time, tanning was indeed considered vulgar: it was associated with peasants who spent their days working under the sun. This is why the bathers sought to protect themselves from it. During the 1920s, the trend began to change, thanks in particular to Coco Chanel, who began to make the tanned complexion more fashionable.
After the Second World War and with the invention of nylon, men's swimwear evolved considerably. They then turn into swim shorts, resembling high-waisted boxer shorts. They were significantly shortened in the 1960s, to adopt a shape much closer to swim briefs. Extended again in the 80s, they take a form quite close to the one we know them today. Surfing is indeed very popular at this time. It inspires the appearance of the boardshort, a model still very popular today.
In recent years, fashion has diversified: many models of men's swimsuits can now be found on the same beach. Some men have remained faithful to the timeless boardshort, while others prefer shorter or tighter models.

How to adopt an elegant look with your swimsuit?

Considered for too long as an accessory exclusively intended to protect against water and the sun, the swimsuit actually represents a real style asset. Declinable to infinity, it allows you to easily express your personality, but must however be worn with elegance.

Do you lack inspiration to create a trendy look from your jersey? Here are some suggestions and ideas to guide you in your clothing choices.

For holidays by the sea

Holidays by the sea are the perfect opportunity to allow yourself a lighter and more summery look. To stay elegant in all circumstances, many possibilities of outfits with a swimsuit are available to you.

  • For example, a discreetly patterned swimsuit, worn with a comfortable pair of espadrilles, is ideal for adopting a light summer look. To add a touch of elegance to your outfit, pair it with a beautiful light linen shirt whose sleeves you have rolled up beforehand, and you'll be done!
  • If you prefer plain swimsuits, don't hesitate to adopt a patterned top to bring a touch of pep to your outfit. A red men's swimsuit, for example, will go perfectly with a white or navy blue shirt with patterns, and with a pair of studded loafers ! Do not hesitate to wear a pair of retro-style glasses, which will complement your casual chic outfit to perfection.
  • For a nautical look, go for a plain swimsuit (red or navy blue), which you will match with the essential blue and white striped t-shirt (the marinière). You can wear it all with a pair of boat shoes . You will then display a more preppy style than ever!

To spend the day by the pool

It is perfectly possible to remain elegant during an afternoon swimming pool with friends, or in a chic establishment. The main thing is to opt for an outfit that is both neat and easy to wear.

  • For a trendy and casual look, you can, for example, opt for a swimsuit with floral motifs, and match it with a plain light-colored polo shirt, as well as with a pair of sunglasses with a modern design.
  • Alternatively, put on a plain swimsuit with a pair of white trainers and a patterned shirt to enhance your entire outfit. To stay in the summer context, opt for a colorful shirt, or adorned with patterns that recall the spirit of the holidays, such as flowers or palm trees for example.
  • Do you want to give a sportier look to your outfit? In this case, opt for color-block swim shorts, whose print will instantly recall that of the jerseys worn by rugby players during their matches. To obtain a harmonious rendering, it is advisable to match this type of model with a plain t-shirt, and with a pair of casual shoes (suede slip-ons for example).

How to recognize a quality swimsuit?

It is now possible to find men's swimwear at many prices. Faced with this wide range of choices, it is not always easy to find the model that simultaneously ensures comfort, solidity and elegance. But don't worry: there are some tips for ensuring the quality of your swimsuit!

The presence of prints on the shirt is the first clue that should catch your attention. Indeed, if its patterns are original, colorful, and have a good quality finish, it is a sign that the jersey is the result of real manufacturing efforts.

In addition, it is preferable to choose a model with a comfortable mesh lining. The presence of a cord for tightening the jersey is also a guarantee of quality, because the cord is more resistant than a simple elastic.

Finally, if you want to be able to keep some of your personal belongings with you, be sure to choose a men's swimsuit with pockets (patched or zipped).

A few maintenance tips

To keep your swimsuit in the long term, it is necessary to respect some essential rules. First, always rinse it well with clear water after each use, to prevent the remains of salt or chlorine from damaging its fabric. Contrary to popular belief, it is best not to dry your swimsuit in direct sunlight, as the radiation could tarnish the colors of the garment.

It is possible to wash your swimsuit in the washing machine, provided you do not do it too regularly and scrupulously respect the instructions specified on its label. In any case, never exceed a wash at 30 degrees, and above all, banish the use of the dryer! Ideally, you can place your swimsuit in a protective net, to ensure that it will not be damaged by washing in the washing machine.

Choose quality with Eden Park

The men's swimsuit has therefore gradually established itself as a must in the male dressing room, always adapting to the trends of the times it went through. Today, it is ideal for creating a look that is both neat and casual, and its use is no longer limited exclusively to days at the beach.
Made of pleasant and light fabric, our swimsuits are equipped with several pockets and an adjustable elasticated waistband. Each of them features the famous Eden Park bow tie logo, delicately embroidered at the bottom of the garment.

To find your future swimsuit for the summer, go quickly to the Eden Park point of sale closest to you. You can also make your choice directly on our website. Delivery is free from 80 euros of purchases!

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