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Bohemian or business, men's blue shirts invite themselves into your wardrobe

After the essential white shirt, the blue shirt stands out as one of the essential pieces of the male wardrobe.
For the record, the blue shirt is a direct descendant of the white shirt , worn as an undergarment until the 18th century, when it became a mark of social distinction and dressed office workers. After the Second World War, the blue shirt gradually replaced the white shirt, then considered too messy, until it became a true iconic piece of the formal wardrobe.
From now on, men's blue shirts are available endlessly, in a set of patterns, shades, cuts and subtle details, so that everyone can find the one that suits them!

Light blue shirts: the essentials of the formal wardrobe

Like the navy suit and the white shirt , the light blue shirts stand out as one of the fundamentals of masculine elegance, which every gentleman must have in his wardrobe… In one or more copies. Timeless and sophisticated, light blue shirts have the advantage of highlighting all skin tones, alternately bringing out blue eyes, a tanned complexion or chestnut hair.
But if the sky blue shirt lends itself perfectly to all occasions, it proves to be essential on a daily basis in the professional context, which allows it to reveal all its formal elegance. Here are some ideas for classic or more original looks to wear every day at the office:

  • The navy suit: it's a safe bet. Pair your light blue shirt with an elegant navy wool suit, accessorize if you feel like it with a fine navy silk or knit tie.
  • The gray suit: be careful, the exercise can be dangerous. Care should be taken in choosing the gray suit that will go perfectly with your light blue shirts. Prefer anthracite or dark mottled gray tones, in order to create a contrast between the different shades.
  • The indigo suit: less wise than the navy suit, the indigo suit allows you to assert your style and let your imagination run wild without ostentation. The light blue shirt stands out as an ally of choice to bring out the richness of indigo shades.
    Jeans: in a less formal but nevertheless elegant register, opt for well-cut raw jeans, matched with a sky blue shirt whose sleeves you have carefully rolled up. To be completed with a black or brown leather belt and matching dress shoes.

Men's blue shirts for all occasions

If the blue shirt conforms particularly well to the business wardrobe, it also knows how to hold its own in many circumstances.
For a wedding: opt for a navy or indigo three-piece suit and a plain sky blue shirt or a shirt with discreet micro-patterns. Let your creativity run free by accessorizing the set with a pale pink silk tie and a matching pocket square.
For a garden party: dare the printed shirt! With a floral or vegetal pattern, men's blue shirts will go perfectly with a summery beige linen suit that's always in style!
For a romantic date: it is a question of being at the same time attractive, dressed but not stuffy. Turn to a model of blue shirt with buttoned collar, plain or enhanced with stripes or checks. We associate it with jeans and a pair of city boots for a city and trendy look, which should charm your date.
For a drink with friends: relaxation is a must! Opt for a navy shirt with a sporty and casual feel, with checks or embroidery, in cotton or corduroy, worn over beige chinos with a pair of white sneakers.

Men's blue shirts in the spotlight at Eden Park

Before choosing your blue shirts, think about what you want to use them for. In the professional context, it is preferable to turn to classic, plain and light blue models in order to perfectly match all your suits.
In a casual register, you can opt for a model with more assertive fashion potential. Discover a wide selection of blue shirts at Eden Park! Blue gingham shirt, striped blue shirt, blue checkered or floral print shirt, blue shirt with buttoned collar, or blue shirt with elbow patches or crests inspired by the codes of the rugby jersey, there is undoubtedly the blue shirt that suits you. envy at Eden Park!

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