What look to adopt for a chic casual outfit for men?

To vary the pleasures of dress, it is sometimes necessary to adapt your look to the environment and the atmosphere of the moment. Here are some examples of chic casual wear for men.


You don't have to be an expert in the French language to realize that the adjectives casual and chic are not necessarily part of the same linguistic family. Very much in vogue lately, the casual chic look is actually a hybrid clothing style, perfectly combining the casual spirit of certain clothes with the timeless elegance of other more classic pieces. Of course, it's not just about pairing a pair of jogging bottoms with a suit jacket: this trend is much more subtle than that!
The term casual refers to the casual male wardrobe as a whole. It includes in fact all the clothes leaving the formal register of work, receptions or ceremonies. Think for example of Bermuda shorts, low top sneakers or linen pants. It is not the quality of manufacture or the aesthetics of the clothes that come into play here, but simply their use and their destination.
More subject to personal interpretations, the adjective chic is more difficult to define. It refers to different realities depending on the times, sociological environments or simply the preferences of each. Concretely, only certain pieces manage to cross the times without going out of fashion. This is the case of the 3-piece suit, the shirt or the polo.


The casual chic look has already been adopted by many men, as it embodies an ideal compromise in style. It allows to show a refined look, without being too difficult to create. In fact, the risk of "bad taste" is relatively low when it comes to the casual chic look: if you have decided to take care of your clothing style recently, it is an excellent way to put your foot in the stirrup!
Moreover, the impression that emerges from a casual chic outfit is always very clear. Very versatile, this style combines masculinity, elegance and casualness!
Finally, it should be noted that the casual chic look adapts to any period of the year. In summer, for example, white shorts and a short-sleeved polo shirt are ideal for a smart and comfortable look. In winter, your combination possibilities are multiplied: you can for example match your shirt and tie duo with dark jeans and white sneakers, which will instantly give you a less formal look!


Once considered to be reserved for casual outings, this clothing style is becoming more and more popular today. The casual chic look for men is a great idea for going to work or to a seminar: the question is how to put together your casual chic look! Follow our guide to learn how to match some iconic pieces.


The popularity of the famous denim is easily explained, its adaptability being limitless. Thus, some cuts and colors are particularly well suited to a casual and chic look. Ideally, we will choose a pant neither too wide nor too narrow, in order to emphasize the body without compressing it.
Regular, semi-slim, carrot or tapered cuts seem to be all indicated for this reason. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can opt for light and airy shades or, on the contrary, for the elegance of black or dark blue jeans for men.
You can also fall for a pair of raw jeans for men, an ideal piece to easily create a casual chic outfit. Worn with a nice white shirt and a blazer jacket, it will guarantee you a look that is both elegant and casual!


A true compromise between the t-shirt and the shirt, the polo shirt embodies the spirit of casual chic. It is best to choose a plain color to facilitate pairing and give yourself greater freedom.
To achieve the desired effect, choose quality polo shirts, easily recognizable by the regularity of their mesh, the strength of their collar and the resistance of their seams.


Available as a t-shirt, sweatshirt or sweater, the sailor suit is the ideal garment to bring a little pep to a casual chic outfit, without harming the uniformity of its ensemble.
It will go very well with a well-tailored chino, flannel pants or a small denim jacket.


Appreciated for its softness and elegance, the men's cardigan (also known as a wool vest) is a staple in any self-respecting men's wardrobe. It has long been a staple of casual and preppy styles.

The cardigan is probably the easiest piece to adopt for a casual chic outfit. It can be worn over a polo shirt as well as a plaid shirt, or a plain shirt.


A man's blazer will instantly add a touch of elegance to your overall look. However, be careful to make the right color combinations!

For example, a black blazer can be perfectly paired with jeans or a light colored or pastel chino. On the other hand, we strongly recommend that you avoid tone on tone (chino or black jeans). The marriage of materials and shades of black will not necessarily be successful, and it will offer a result probably too dull.


It is important to keep in mind that the casual chic spirit is above all a question of balance and contrast, and that the pieces composing the outfit must therefore clearly refer to the two universes in question. Thus, a 3-piece suit worn with sneakers could not constitute a casual chic outfit, and a Bermuda shirt associated with beautiful leather Richelieu shoes either!

Today, the philosophy of this clothing trend remains based on casual, which should be embellished with more formal pieces. So you'll have to build your casual chic evening outfits for men from the casual pieces of your wardrobe: with your jeans and your chinos, your t-shirts, your sneakers and your polos.

The pitfall to avoid? Creating an outfit that's too bland, relying on shades of black, gray and white, for example. Don't hesitate to adopt small fashion accessories to enhance this ensemble. Sometimes a clutch, a bracelet or a tie is enough to brighten up a casual chic outfit!

The casual chic look has become ubiquitous and is now a safe bet. It allows you to wear an elegant style without looking too sophisticated, and any man can try it very easily. At Eden Park, we offer you a multitude of articles, perfectly adapted to the creation of casual chic outfits: polo shirts, shirts, cardigans... All you have to do is make your choice to create the ideal look!

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