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The men's t-shirt or endless possibilities

The t-shirt is undoubtedly the most versatile piece of the men's wardrobe. This must-have, originally worn as an undergarment, now occupies a prominent place in every wardrobe. Men's long-sleeved t-shirt or short-sleeved version, with round, V or buttoned collar, plain or patterned t-shirt, the possibilities are truly endless.

But by the way, what are the origins of this basic garment in the men's wardrobe?

The men's t-shirt as we know it today appeared in the 19th century, worn as underwear by workers and men of the working classes. Its name is directly linked to the shape of its cut, "T". Comfortable, practical and easy to wash, this garment was then very quickly adopted by the American army, in particular the officers of the US Navy from 1913. It was these same officers who contributed to its popularity in the 1920s, date on which the word t-shirt definitely entered the dictionary, and in our locker rooms.

How to choose the right clothes?

It may seem obvious, but the choice of your garment should not be taken lightly. Some models will be more suitable for certain morphologies than others. Here are two essential criteria to take into account to never be wrong:

1. Size

Too tight or too short, a garment can quickly mark a certain lack of elegance. If this essential piece of clothing can be the perfect ally to suggest its musculature all in subtlety, the tight model is to be avoided at all costs. Same observation for oversized models. The long men's t-shirt does not flatter any figure. The right model has a straight cut that hugs your sides and a length that stops just below the waistband.

2. The collar

The choice to be made among the three types of necklines, which are the round neck, the V-neck and the buttoned collar, will be made more by stylistic affinity than by morphological concern. Try several models, and choose the one that best flatters your figure, while bringing you style and comfort.

The V-neck version

Both classic and elegant, it is today an ultra-trendy clothing model. This ultra basic can be worn alone when the good weather arrives or under an open denim or checkered shirt. A White V-Neck T-shirt will go perfectly with a Denim shirt and a Camel Cardigan when the temperatures drop. It can be worn both during your weekends and for the week at work for a more sober look.

What morphology for a men's V-neck T Shirt? Prefer the V-neck for your top if you have a small or small neck. It will refine your silhouette and highlight your face. If you have an “I” silhouette or a very slim body shape, this will not necessarily be the best choice. It will flatten your silhouette too much and give the impression that you are "floating" in the middle of your garment.

The round neck version

It is the emblematic piece by excellent of the male wardrobe. Classic, comfortable and elegant at the same time, it crosses styles, eras and fashions. Available in a men's printed T-shirt or a plain t-shirt , the round-neck t-shirt can go with all of your outfits. Worn casually with jeans, it will bring you comfort and relaxation without giving in to style. For a slightly more trendy Look, it is possible to combine it with Chino pants. However, be careful with the color combinations. We will then avoid the all-black look (too sad, too dull). Also avoid looks that are too contrasting, for example a white men's t-shirt with jeans or black chinos.

3. Material

The Cotton T-Shirt

The Eden Park brand men's t-shirt focuses above all on quality. Our entire range of t-shirts is cotton . More durable and more breathable, it is also more comfortable. The cotton can thus be colored (plain) or printed. The printed t-shirt offers this note of fantasy and originality capable of transcending your look. This material will match all your outfits (casual or sophisticated).
The four essential men's t-shirt models
Having a diverse choice of cuts in your wardrobe allows you to vary styles and assert your personality on a daily basis. Here are four must-have t-shirt models that you absolutely must have in your collection.

The classic t-shirt

Entirely plain or animated by small details, such as a contrasting pocket on the chest, the short-sleeved t-shirt (classic) is easy to wear and easy to combine. Choose it in essential colours, which blend perfectly with different shades such as white, grey, black and navy blue. You can combine your men's black t-shirt with your jeans, chinos and Bermuda shorts, for example.
How to Match a White T-Shirt: This is probably the easiest to match. Its neutral color will go with all of your clothes. However, avoid tone on tone (very light pants and white t-shirt).
How To Match a gray t-shirt : The gray t-shirt can be matched with warm and cold colors. It will go very well with denim, light chinos or slightly rolled up denim worn with sneakers.

The Black T-Shirt

Both sober and neutral, it will not necessarily be the easiest to match. If it is possible to wear it in tone on tone, we will avoid this association if we have very fair skin. The classic association with Denim obviously remains a safe bet.

The (graphic) printed t-shirt

The printed t-shirt, also called graphic t-shirt or even patterned t-shirt, can bring personality to your outfits. Printed with a logo, decorated with embroidery or enlivened by an all-over pattern, this model of t-shirt with incredibly varied renderings is to be preferred over a casual look. To highlight it, we prefer to associate it with plain pieces. Often this type of original men's t-shirt is a reflection of your personality. Thus a wide variety of patterns exists, you will have no trouble finding the printed t-shirt you want.

For a sophisticated and original look, you can easily match this type of t-shirt with a solid color suit jacket (avoid patterned jackets as much as possible), wear it under a denim shirt or even a denim jacket.

The long-sleeved t-shirt

Less known than its little brother, the short-sleeved t-shirt and not to be confused with the long-sleeved polo shirt, it will be your best ally in mid-season or in the heart of winter. Can easily be worn under a sweater or cardigan, it can also be worn alone. The long-sleeved t-shirt combo worn under a short-sleeved t-shirt is out of fashion today.
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