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Minimalist, chic, trendy and original, the Mao collar shirt is slowly invading men's wardrobes. Will you also fall for this top that will allow you to stand out in all subtlety and that will bring an elegant style to all your outfits?

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The Mandarin collar: the stylish asset of your shirts

Between tradition and modernity, the Mao collar leaves no one indifferent and gives your outfits that little extra that makes all the difference. Authentic, minimalist and trendy, it offers a perfect balance between chic and casual. Also called the “mandarin collar”, it should not be confused with the officer collar. The latter, inspired by the uniform collar, is a simple collar stand without a flap with a button. Quite formal, it is worn closed. Conversely, the Mao collar is open: its two sides do not overlap. In summary, it is a straight and short collar, without flap and without buttonhole. Much more original than a French or Italian collar, it gives character and a little dandy air to all looks. With this charming asset, the mandarin collar shirt has gradually established itself as an essential piece of the modern men's wardrobe. With long sleeves or short sleeves, in cotton or linen, it is available in many shapes and colors to suit all your desires and all occasions. Note, however, that it is not at all suitable for wearing a tie or bow tie.

What are the advantages of Eden Park shirts ?

A shirt, whether it has a Mandarin collar or not, must be of excellent quality to reveal an impeccable finish. The material, the regularity of the seams, the cut, the armholes, the buttonhole... Everything must be absolutely perfect to obtain the desired elegance. By setting your sights on an Eden Park model, you are sure to make the right choice! All the pieces are carefully thought out and designed and perfectly reflect the spirit of the brand and its attention to detail. Selection of the finest cottons, impeccable finishes, buttons... Nothing is left to chance. Authentic, timeless and high-end, mandarin collar shirts help you break away from monotony and are just waiting to become essential elements of your wardrobe. They are also very pleasant to wear. Now, trendy clothes are good. But when they offer perfect comfort throughout the day, it’s even better! Combining inimitable style, quality and well-being, Eden Park mandarin collar shirts have everything to convince you. On the other hand, you take the risk of no longer being able to do without it !

How to choose the right mandarin collar shirt ?

Like all other models, your Mao collar shirt should be neither too loose nor too tight. So be sure to choose a cut according to your body shape and select the right size. If you are afraid of making a mistake, set your sights on a straight or regular fit cut, which easily adapts to all silhouettes and consult the size guide on each product sheet.

For daily use, choose models made from the finest cottons, such as Pima cotton. But if you're looking for the perfect piece for a casual summer look or a weekend by the sea, you can also opt for linen. The Mao collar shirt comes in many colors to suit all your desires. Do you want a top that can easily pair with the other items in your wardrobe? Favor plain and sober models. These will allow you to easily adapt your style and will adapt to all occasions. The Mao collar alone offers a touch of originality that will transform your outfits, you can choose timeless shades, such as white, beige or gray, without any ulterior motive.

How to wear a mandarin collar shirt correctly ?

Modern and minimalist, the Mao collar shirt is an ideal piece for sporting a casual chic look without false note. It goes very well with sneakers, jeans or chinos. To add more elegance to your outfit, opt for leather shoes and finish the look with a few accessories, such as a pretty belt and a beautiful tanned skin bag. For a sophisticated look, we advise you to wear your shirt tucked into your pants, fasten all the buttons and favor timeless colors. But the Mao collar shirt also knows how to be casual. In summer, it will go perfectly with your favorite Bermuda shorts and linen pants. Much more elegant than a t-shirt and less formal than a traditional shirt, it offers an interesting alternative that you would be wrong to deprive yourself of. When temperatures soar, don't hesitate to roll up your sleeves or opt for a short-sleeved model. In reality, there are a thousand and one ways to wear a mandarin collar shirt when a tie is not required: all you have to do is find yours !

How to care for your Eden Park shirt ?

Whether you let yourself be seduced by a 100% cotton or 100% linen mandarin collar shirt, Eden Park shirts are as pleasant to wear as they are easy to maintain. All you have to do is put them in the machine at 30°C. To preserve their beauty and shine, wash them inside out with similar shades and dry them at the end of the wash cycle, preferably on hangers to simplify ironing. For the latter, set your iron to medium temperature and avoid buttons so as not to damage them or create unsightly marks. As some pieces in the collection may have specific characteristics, always be sure to consult the care instructions before washing your clothes. Thanks to their very good quality, your mandarin collar shirts will accompany you season after season if you take care of them.

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