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The black shirt for men, an elegant classic

The black shirt for men is one of the essentials in a male dressing room. A symbol of elegance and refinement, it has evolved over the years to suit all tastes and styles today.

What to wear this type of shirt with?

This garment has always been synonymous with class and elegance. Its sobriety allows it to cross all eras, and to match all styles and all fashions. Indispensable fifty years ago, the black shirt for men will still be in fifty years. If the white shirt is also part of the great male classics, it does not have the chic of black. Associating black with mourning remains caricatural. Since the 14th century, this color has also symbolized work, integrity, rigor and virtue. It is generally considered that the black shirt for men is best worn if one looks good. Combining it with a matte complexion also enhances it and accentuates its dark and sophisticated side. When pairing it with other colors, the most common trap is to believe that black “goes with everything”. This is an error: very different from white, black is much more difficult to tune. In general, we avoid associating black with colors that are too light. The contrast is too striking and hits the silhouette, which can even give the impression of making it smaller. Black and white must therefore be banned in the vast majority of cases… except, possibly, if you wish to adopt an English look! Colors that are too dark also go very badly with black. Opt for raw jeans instead.

Look ideas with a black shirt

  • Look idea number 1: pair a black shirt with burgundy chinos and brown leather derby shoes. This association allows you to emphasize the chic of black, without taking yourself too seriously.
  • Look idea number 2: wear your black shirt with rolled up chinos and canvas trainers. The appearance here is relaxed, but worked. An ideal outfit for a day out with friends.
  • Look idea number 3: opt for a 100% black look with a black shirt, black jeans, black leather shoes and a black wool coat. Think about juxtaposing several materials, for an unstoppable classy and chic effect. Another aspect not to be neglected, the maintenance of his shirt. Don't lose sight of the fact that black, synonymous with chic, cannot be satisfied with the approximation. The black shirt for men requires care, otherwise its beautiful color will turn into a dull dark gray. Use a special black laundry detergent, at the right temperature (not more than 30° in general). Forget the dryer: save your shirt the trauma of the drum. Dry it in the open air and, above all, in the shade.

Many possible variations

The black shirt is now available in a wide variety of models.

Different materials and several cuts

The perfect companion for the summer period, the black linen men's shirt manages the feat of combining chic and relaxation on its own.
Very pleasant to wear, light and airy, it does not need too strict a cut, which could harm the desired relaxed effect. The black linen shirt is worn over trousers. From the point of view of the look, the linen shirt allows many fantasies: it can be worn alone or, on the contrary, open on a t-shirt. It goes perfectly with jeans , chinos or Bermuda shorts . It can be worn with sneakers as well as sandals. 
The fitted black shirt for men is a safe bet, which perfectly meets the initial objective of the garment. Its close-fitting cut accentuates its chic side, for an unstoppable result. The slim black shirt for men is particularly suitable for those who have a V-shaped morphology (when the shoulders are wider than the hips). This model makes it possible to refine the silhouette and sublimate the build of the shoulders. 
The fitted shirt can also be worn by men with larger builds. It is much more appropriate than a loose shirt, which accentuates the impression of roundness, or an overly tight shirt, which hugs the curves of the body in an exaggerated way. The men's short-sleeved black shirt made a comeback a few years ago. To stay in tune with the times, the black shirt must be fitted and its patterns (if there are any) discreet. Today, it is entirely possible for a man to wear a black short-sleeved shirt and look perfectly stylish. For this, it must be worn alone, without a jacket or suit. It is not worn tucked into the pants, nor should it be associated with a tie.

Plain or patterned shirt?

The patterned black shirt is a really interesting option. If you love black but its strict side scares you a little, this is a good compromise. The pattern always brings something to a look.
Among the main patterns and prints, it is impossible not to mention the tile. Previously banned for his "lumberjack" look, he returned to the front of the stage a few years ago. Stripes are also a must-have. Thin vertical stripes, also called "business" stripes, play the card of sobriety. When they are thicker, they are closer to the "preppy" style. 
Once reserved for women, polka dots are now an integral part of the male wardrobe. On a black shirt, light tones provide an interesting contrast. We advise you to avoid polka dots that are too large or even polka dots of different colors. They can give a "clown" aspect, which is not recommended. Finally, for a few years now, it has been impossible to escape floral motifs. Flowers of all styles and colors adorn our shirts today! Unlike checks or stripes, the pattern is not evenly distributed throughout the shirt. Sometimes it even focuses on just one part of the garment.

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