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Printed shirt for men Eden Park

Prints have long been popular and have been part of many fashion collections. Whether geometric prints or floral prints, patterns have found their place in men's wardrobes. Discover our large collection of Eden Park men's printed shirts. An essential piece of clothing for men, the shirt is no longer necessarily accompanied by a jacket and suit pants. Constantly renewed, the mixture of styles has made it possible to democratize this piece of clothing. It can be worn outside of official occasions, and paired with jeans or Bermuda shorts . Less classic than the traditional white shirt , the printed shirt brings a touch of lightness and contrast to your outfit. It can therefore be worn on many occasions!

Floral print shirt

Flower prints aren't just for women's fashion. On the contrary, many floral prints have been invited into men's dressing rooms, whether on shirts, on bow ties , on ties , etc.
The rustic spirit of these prints goes perfectly with the summer season, especially for festive occasions (weddings, birthdays, etc.). If you choose to wear a printed shirt, consider favoring solid color pants or Bermuda shorts. A pair of low sneakers , derbies or loafers can easily match this type of outfit, which is both chic and rustic. If you want to wear a jacket or a cardigan , also choose a solid color, which matches the dominant color of your printed shirt. Good to know: colors in neutral tones such as grey, beige, navy blue or black harmonize perfectly with pastel colours.

The micro patterns

Micro patterns also rank high on the list of most popular patterns among men. Small in size, these patterns are printed in a repetitive way and can bring texture to your shirts. Less visible and identifiable, micro patterns are a good compromise between a floral or geometric print, and a solid color shirt.
If you are worried about not knowing how to wear a printed shirt for men, you can turn to micro pattern prints. If sometimes they represent floral motifs or geographical prints, their small size makes them less imposing on the eye. Have you hesitated until now to wear floral prints? Why not try a shirt with micro floral patterns? This type of print will bring a touch of lightness to your outfit, which will remain elegant and chic.

Choose the right accessories with the prints

Prints add color and texture to your outfit. It is therefore essential to choose your accessories carefully. If you opt for a white printed dress shirt for men, do not hesitate to match the color of your prints to that of your accessories. If you wear small-sized prints, you can also opt for a bow tie or tie at festive or solemn events (such as weddings, birthdays, etc.). The superposition of two similar colors is generally to be avoided in an outfit. The same goes for layering multiple prints.
In other words, if you choose a nice printed men's shirt, choose a solid color bow tie or tie instead. This will highlight your accessory, while preventing it from blending into the prints on your shirt.

Long sleeves or short sleeves?

Many patterns are available on men's printed shirts with long sleeves, as well as short-sleeved models. Therefore, the choice between wearing long sleeves and short sleeves will depend in part on the nature of the event to which you are invited. For family meals, outings with friends, summer holidays, etc., short sleeves allow you to keep a neat and chic style while enjoying the lightness of a cotton shirt . You will be able to take full advantage of this moment, wearing an outfit that is both comfortable and light. Paired with bermuda shorts or chino shorts , this item of clothing will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. It will allow you to easily compose different outfits for sunny days. The printed shirt for men with long sleeves is generally preferred for more solemn events, which accept a touch of originality. To create a chic outfit with prints, you can pair your top with dress pants or chinos in a neutral color (such as black, beige, navy, or gray). You can also add different accessories: a bow tie , a tie or even cufflinks. The advantage of long sleeves is that you can accessorize your sleeves with cufflinks, which follow the theme of your prints! You can also opt for a chic and casual look by leaving the first buttons of the collar unbuttoned, without a bow tie or tie .

Eden Park customer service, to choose the right shirt size

A successful casual chic look largely depends on the fit of your printed shirt. Indeed, your shirt should neither be too close to the body nor too wide. Also, long sleeves should fall just above your wrists, and the bottom of the shirt should be long enough to cover the top of your pants. To help you find the size that corresponds to your morphology , you must take into account your neck circumference, your chest circumference and your waist circumference. Feel free to refer to our size chart. The latter tells you the size corresponding to the different measurements of your upper body (you can take these measurements yourself, using a tape measure).

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