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An excellent daily companion, the men's coat is an essential. Indeed, it allows to keep the body warm in winter or when the temperatures become slightly cooler. At Eden Park, we have sought to present you with elegant pieces of unparalleled quality, while surfing on modern cuts.
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The men's coat, a garment as practical as it is aesthetic

At Eden Park, men's coats combine functionality and style. Whether you are looking for a black, gray, blue or khaki coat, we will certainly have what you need and adapt to your look. Indeed, our coat models are very versatile, so as to suit your different events. Because the coat follows you every day, we imagine it as the ideal ally for all occasions. On the program: rigorous cuts, quality textiles, controlled volumes and impeccable finishes. Your men's coat deserves our full attention !

Because a men's coat is a very general term, it refers to a whole bunch of different clothing items. For example, for a professional setting and a very chic look, it is better to opt for a straight-cut wool coat, in rather sober and classic shades. On the other hand, for a more streetwear look, there are sports coats, with or without a hood. The bomber, for its part, brings a little retro and trendy side, while the denim jacket is a timeless piece, seducing men for many generations !

What are the different materials in a men's coat ?

The men's coat is not a piece exclusively reserved for the winter season. Indeed, you may also want to wear a light coat on a cool summer evening, or in mid-season. That's why we imagine coats in many different textiles. In other words, the use you want to make of your jacket will have a real impact on the choice of your fabric. Beyond the simple visual aspect, you will absolutely have to choose a more or less warm textile depending on your needs. Obviously, the aesthetic rendering will also be different.

For a rock look, leather is ideal. Timeless and very virile, it also allows you to face cold temperatures, especially when it is a coat lined with wool.

The windbreaker, for its part, is ideally designed in a water-repellent canvas. When it rains, it allows you to stay dry. What's more, with its zipper, large hairpieces and hood, it offers a deceptively relaxed look.

Another great classic of men's coats: wool. This natural fiber has the advantage of keeping you perfectly warm while letting the body breathe. In winter, it allows you to immerse yourself in a real cozy cocoon! Just like it, cashmere looks great, while also being more luxurious. This material is also renowned for its softness and lightness.

If you prefer down jackets to traditional coats, opt for down or feather padding. These are raw materials with remarkable insulating properties !

Finally, because we generally support sporty men who are constantly on the move, we attach real importance to designing coats systematically equipped with water-repellent finishes. So, whether you choose a jacket, a Teddy, a windbreaker or even a down jacket, the rain will no longer hinder your activities !

What are the different styles of men's coats ?

Of course, depending on the season and personality, there are a multitude of different men's coats. Our vast choice will allow you to easily vary your look depending on the time of year and according to your desires.

But besides, what are the different types of men's coats on the market ?

The down jacket is both warm and casual. Ideal for a sportswear style, it allows you to wrap up warm in a cozy cocoon. This one is ideal with jeans and a pair of sneakers; The overcoat has a very formal look. Long and sober, it is ideal for an elegant outfit and covers a suit wonderfully; The peacoat is recognized by its double-breasted buttoning and its wide lapels. It fits perfectly into a casual style; The windbreaker is a more technical garment, which is above all renowned for its usefulness when the weather conditions are capricious; The bomber and the Teddy are easily identified thanks to their elastic at the waist. The latter are very urban and trendy, while retaining a little retro side; The parka is renowned for its light, water-repellent canvas as well as its large, very practical pockets. With its hood, it also allows you to face the elements and stay perfectly dry; The overshirt, for its part, is not strictly speaking a men's coat. However, it can be easily worn over other clothing when the outside temperature is slightly cool.

Which men's coat is right for you ? Of course, not all clothes suit every man. Certain cuts are more suited to certain body types. For example, long coats are more suitable for slender and relatively tall men. If you are short, choose a short cut. Then, you should ask yourself the right questions to choose the model of men's coat that meets your expectations: Will your coat be worn in a chic or casual atmosphere ? What other clothes will your men's coat be worn with ? In what season and temperature do you plan to wear your coat? Do you already have other coats in your wardrobe? If you don't have one, look for a more versatile model. If you have several, why not focus on originality… At Eden Park, you will find a wide choice of trendy and timeless men's coats to suit all styles.
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