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The black sweatshirt: essential for an urban chic look

Whether you choose it classic or closed with a zip, with a round neck or a hood, plain or enhanced with elegant embroidery, the black sweatshirt is undoubtedly one of the easiest pieces to adopt. And for good reason, since it combines the qualities: both functional and technical, it guarantees optimal comfort thanks to its loose cut and a warm and breathable cotton fleece fabric. On the other hand, it is extremely easy to wear on a daily basis, in a sportswear or more urban style, but always at the heart of trends!

The black sweatshirt: a real fashion piece

Appearing in American universities during the 1930s, the sweatshirt claimed above all a technical function: to absorb the perspiration of players on the field. But over the decades, the sweatshirt has gradually established itself as a real piece of urban fashion... Without ever denying its sportswear origins. Historically gray in colour, it is now available in black to appeal to the trendiest city dwellers.

An urban and trendy look with a black sweatshirt

The black sweatshirt stands out as an essential for sports or cocooning activities, but it can also be integrated with virtuosity into our more urban outfits. For this, we choose a zipped hooded model, which we wear under an elegant gray wool coat, associated with jeans and a pair of city tennis shoes.
Always in an urban chic register, we combine a black sweatshirt worn under a leather jacket and chino pants , all complemented by a pair of lace-up boots to conquer the city in style.

The black sweatshirt: the streetwear touch for your formal outfits

The black sweatshirt is the ideal piece to shift a formal outfit without ostentation, while remaining elegant. We therefore play the daring card by creating clever contrasts between styles, by choosing a model of black sweatshirt with a round neck, plain or enhanced with Eden Park embroidery, which we wear over a white shirt and city pants . As part of a "casual Friday" or an outing with friends, it is more simply associated with straight jeans , a blazer and a pair of leather shoes for a look full of contrasts, perfectly mastered!

Round neck or hooded, plain or printed, classic or zipped… Discover our selection of black sweatshirts in our stores and corners and on our e-shop.

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